Brush Country Groundwater Conservation District

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Water Law Brochure

Winter 2020 issue of txH2O magazine

Groundwater Conservation District's Role in Protection of Water Quality

Covance Research Products Product Permit Amendment

Jim Hogg County WCID Prod Permit Application

Crossborder Conflict fuels Clash Over Water in Southwest

Small Taxing Unit Notice 2021 Tax Year

Texas State University, Water Sustainability of Groundwater Aquifers in Tx

TAGD Weekly Updates for May 20, 2022

BCGCD Increases Well Plugging

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Notice for the Amended Management Plan August 23, 2022

Small Taxing Unit Notice 2022 Tax Year

Notice of Hearing and Application - Schneider Brothers

Notice of Public Hearing

Recognition of Robert Fulbright's 13 Years of service and retirement

Small Taxing Unit Notice 2023 Tax Year

Notice of Public Hearing for Review of Management Plan November 28, 2023

Brush Country GCD Management Plan Revised 11-8-2023



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